Cleia Adams

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The Advertiser, UK - Pete Smith’s World Of Country

28 March, 2008

The multi-award winning Clelia Adams is one of Australia’s most experienced and respected performers, established by the fact that over her career she has provided backing harmony vocals on hundreds of albums. Of Italian extraction Clelis began her career as a music journalist before moving into other aspects of the business and using her stills in the UK and Canada. Returning to Australia in the mid-70’s Ms Adams settled in Tamworth (Australia’s Nashville) where she began her performing career with a variety of groups including Skarlett and the New England Rangers. Her 25 years in Tamworth proved to be rather hectic with her being in so much demand for studio, concert and television work, but Clelia did manage to successfully raise two children of whom whe is very proud. In l996 Clelia cut her first album “Fine Company”, a mix of styles that gained excellent reviews. Since then she has recorded the acclaimed “Bring It On” and “Heartbeat Highway” albums. The reason why Clelia Adams is so successful is not hard to identify. Sure she has a lovely voice but more than that, she understands and loves country music, has an ear for great songs whether they be classics or originals and only uses the finest musicians who have empathy for the results she always achieves. In short, Clelia is one hell of a performer! The new album “Wildflowers” demonstrates all that I have just stated, with 14 of the best songs(5 written by Clelia), superb musicians including Michel Rose on pedal steele, dobro and mandolin, Mick Albeck (twin fiddles) and Bill Risby (piano, accordian) and production by Stuart French, which most artists would give their right arm for. The album opens with Clelia’s own charming “Wildflowers” inspired by her garden before moving on to beautifully covered classics such as “I Love You A Thousand Ways”, “If I Could Only Win Your Love”, “Honky Tonk Stardust Cowboy” and “Honky Tonk Blues”, closing with a superb version of the traditional “Wayfaring Stranger”.


My 105FM’s Merry Christmas Hot CD’s Review, Mackay QLD

December, 2009

This CD is infectious - its a toe tapper - its good times and family - its Clelia Adams Wildflowers CD. Tracks from his album have climbed international charts in Europe and is full of songs from Clelia’s life. She started in music as a writer for the popular magazine from the 60’s, Go-Set. From there she went to recording and writing, and hasn’t looked back. This is what country music is all about - born of Italian parents she tells stories of the family like “My Mothers Wedding Band”, the album cover is beautiful and taken on the property where she lives on the North Coast of NSW. She is no stranger to the trials and tribulations of life, but there is a sense of good times from this very proud woman. This is one for your collection, but also for someone as a gift, they will thank you forever. We have stamped this CD a “must have”, you can buy it online directly from clelia at her website.


Country Music Attitude No 125 by Bernard Boyat (France)

October, 2008

Superb sleeve/album cover, beautiful voice and from a Honky Tonk filled album, what more can we ask? Of Italian decent, Clelia - the - Australian has worked in the music industry in her country as well as London & Canada, before going home and launching herself into the singing arena. It is now her 5th solo album for which she has called upon her brother, and her children Dan and Jessie. The result is the album she is the most proud of. We can only agree with her: from the honky tonk register, spirited songs or ballads, she has taken traditional songs such as “I Love You A Thousand Ways”. “When You Fall In Love” or “If I Could Only Win Your Love”, and added a touch of western swing “Do You Know” through to Americana and country rock with “Uncle Tony’s Ute” to make a beautiful success.


Eric Brady - Daily Examiner, Grafton, NSW

3 July, 2008

BRINGS OUT THE COWGIRL! If you like your country music honest and pure, Clelia Adams’ new album Wildflowers, will ring true in your heart. Like a slow winding horse trek through a canyon, the 14 tracks take you on a journey through the range of emotions country music spans. From upbeat ditties, lonesome tunes and honest love songs, Clelia’s crisp sweet voice delivers her personal stories home. It’s easy to sing along to the songs and I couldn’t help imagining myself in a pair of cowboy boots, boot scooting around a country pub to “We Gotta Live With Stuff”. Wildflowers is Clelia’s fifth studio album, and her way of paying respect to tradition. Don’t miss Clelia at the South Grafton Ex Servicemens Club this Sunday. Don’t forget your boots!


Bernard Boyat, French CM Mag "Sur la Route de Memphis" No. 19

19 June, 2008

Superb album cover, beautiful voice and from a honky tonk filled album, what more could we ask? Australian Clelia used to work in the music industry in her country and overseas before turning around and launching herself into the singing arena. It is now her 5th solo album for which she called upon her brother and children to contribute. The result is an album she can be proud of and we can only agree with her. She moves through the country styles of honky tonk to traditional ballads such as “I Love You A Thousand Ways”, “When You Fall In Love”, “If I Could Only Win Your Love”, and added a little light western swing with “Do You Know”, from Americana and country rock with Gotta Live With Stuff” and “Uncle Tony’s Ute”. A beautiful success!

Translated from the French review by Bernard Boyat.


Max W. Achatz - Country Jukebox - Germany

26 June, 2008

Not too many people know the music industry inside out like Clelia Adams from Australia. The Italian born artist began her professional life as a music journalist, then at WEA Records, and was responsible for Product and marketing, via London and Canada, where she also worked in the music industry. Adams’ love of traditional country music has made her, for some time now, many European country fans. So far she has produced three albums, with A team musicians, not only giving her good publicity, but also good ratings on the radio charts. On her recent album, the lady singer presents herself in top form. In co-operation with her producer Stuart French, she sings 14 beautiful songs, which in quality are a continuation of her earlier music. She uses her knowledge to dig deep into the country archives to find the little jewel songs from Lefty Frizzel, Emmylou Harris, Ed Bruce, Gillian Welch, Kieran Kane, the Louvin Brothers and Hank Williams. Fans of traditional country music are going to be very surprised to hear with what energy, passion and virtuosity Clelia Adams is working this time round. This is in regard to her cover versions as well as her own compositions. “Wildflowers” flows beautifully and is perfect for those country fans who are not interested in mainstream work from Nashville.

translated from the German review - http://www.countryjukebox.de/index.htm


Wildflowers, Album of the Month, Bjarne Hesselbjerggaard, ‘International Country'

6 May, 2008


Roland Lanzarone, Frech CM Mag “Le Cri Du Coyote”, Issue 105

19 May, 2008

Gospel Queen in ‘85, TIARA winner in 2006, 2008 LBS Wall Of Honour Inductee, present on the european charts, Clelia charms when she sings the 14 tracks of this her 5th album with her exceptionally clear voice. Her traditional country includes honky tonks, rockabilly, swinging jazz, boogie, R & R and 4 quieter ballads including the remarkable interpretation of Wayfaring Stranger (the difficult path of life in view of eternal happiness).

Her sense of family is evident in the lyrics of 3 among her self penned songs, and by inviting her children Jess & Dan as well as her brother Albert Calvo (gtr) to take part in either vocal harmonies or on guitar. The title song, a honky tonk reminds that wildflowers bloom where they grow, implying the family. My Mothers Wedding Band (ballad) is the wedding ring worn by her Italian migrant Mum, that Clelia wears since she passed away. Uncle Tony’s Ute recalls Uncle Tony’s old pick up which carried the whole family as well as his goods. Philosophical rockabilly, We Gotta Live With Stuff advises to learn to live even with what’s unpleasant, whereas the dynamic Do You Know, is a joyfull expression of love.

Amongst the good covers, note Bill Chambers singing on If I Could Only Win Your Love (C. & I. Louvin) and playing pedal steel on Honky Tonk Blues (H. Williams), whilst the great Kevin Bennett from the Flood joins in a duet on Love and Happiness (Harris/Rhodes). An album produced by Stuie French, supported by musicians such as M. Rose (pdl-st, dbo, mdl), M. Albeck (fid)m C. Haigh (bass), & B. Bergen (drm).

Translated from the French review by Roland Lanzarone.



3 May, 2008



16 April, 2008

Thank you for the lovely surprise which arrived, namely your CD Wildflowers. In my experience, first meetings play a very important part, especially what is in the packaging…the CD cover would have to be the most impressive; the sleeve notes, no matter how hard you tried, these could not be faulted; the case itself is far superior than the “run of the mill” variety, and no doubt with your long experience in the industry, you have learned that investing a little more in presentation makes marketing well worth it in the long run.

Which leads me to the CD itself. Despite the fact that Stuie French comes only a few miles from where I live and I’ve known him since he was a teenager doesn’t detract from the fact that he is a master musician and a very accomplished producer. Anyone who apprediates country music from the very beginning would also be delighted that you have selected many wonderful songs from the days when country music was just that, and coupled with so many other impressive performances from both your own writing and other lesser known songs surely makes this one of the best CD’s to come out of Australia


“WILDFLOWERS” - ALBUM OF THE MONTH, “International Country” Syndicated Radio Denmark

8 April, 2008


JOE McMANAMON, CM presenter 2YOU FM, Tamworth

April, 2008

Clelia blows away all cobwebs with “Wildflowers”, which has to be a big commercial hit in mainline country. Simply PERFECT. 10/10



5 May 2008



30 March, 2008

I’ve been checking out your music on CD Baby and you have some of the best I’ve listened to in a long time. Your music fits right into my format. Now that I have my own copies, I can hear that you have got to be one of the best girl singers I’ve heard in a long time. There’s something about your singing I can’t get enough of. I would like to send you a copy of “The Big Fred Walker Show” and some Western Swing songs I can already hear you singing. Thank you for keeping it traditional country music.



March, 2008

There’s something to be said for late bloomers, which CLELIA ADAMS claims to be in the songwriting department. Her tilt of the hat to tradition, WILDFLOWERS, is as good an original traditional country song as I’ve heard in years. And the eyecatching wildflowers on the cover makes this a standout disc in more ways than one. The flowers grow wild in Clelia’s Mullumbimby gardens, and you can’t help but notice it on the shelf alongside other, more plain looking discs. Clelia has included another four originals on WILDFLOWERS, and my favourite is MY MOTHERS WEDDING BAND, although UNCLE TONY’S UTE is a hoot of a song, and paints quite a word picture - or is that a cartoon! The well chosen covers tell a lot about the singer and where she’s come from. This is the best by far, of Clelia’s 5 studio albums. Musicianship and production is flawless. Congratulations to STUIE FRENCH and the A TEAM, including Clelia’s extremely talented family. The duets with BILL CHAMBERS and KEVIN BENNETT are superb.



28 March, 2008

Your CD arrived and I’m sitting listening to the many good tracks. The song “WILDFLOWERS” is to my ears a real old nugget and the staging is phenomenal, so space full and warm that it feels overwhelming. Your voice is exactly at the level it should be and your style is classic country without a lean to different styles. What impresses me is the musicians do not include a savage drummer and a howling guitar, as the Nashville artists use nowadays, but maybe Australia is so far away that the music has not been infected. I would love to include your song “WILDFLOWERS” on our Hanging Tree compilation CD (a label which releases only pure classic country music) for the truly discerning country music lovers



13 February, 2008

Some time ago I got my hands on a CD which graqbbed me straight away, “Heartbeat Highway”, by Clelia Adams, and I have waited to see if the lady could repeat the dose. In the mail last week I found her latest effort using a self penned track “Wildflowers” as the title track, and although I remember thinking at the time that she would find it hard to top “Heartbeat Highway”, I think she has done just that!

Mostly new material, some originals, mixed with the traditional “Wayfaring Stranger”, and country classics like Hank williams’ “Honky Tonk Blues” and Lefty Frizzell’s “I Love you a Thousand Ways”, make for a good mix. For a long time, Clelia Adams specialised in studio vocal backing work, appearing on a multitude of albums, is now establishing herself as an upfront vocalist in her own right.

Backing here is top rate, with names like Stuart French, Mick Albeck, Michel Rose & others scattered through the credits, we can see the reason for this. Bill Chambers (of Dead Ringer fame) makes a surprise apprearance on “If I Could Only Win Your Love”. My pick of the tracks would have to be between “I Love You A Thousand Ways” (a long time favourite) and “Do You Know” penned by the lady herself.

Like so many other topline independent artists, Clelia is like “the boy with the barrow”, and has a job in front of her, for without the help of one of the multi national labels it must surely be like belting your head with a hammer, in that it must feel good when you stop. Try to listen to this one, I reckon you’ll be glad you did!



9 February, 2008

What a lovely, lovely album! Thanks so much for sending a copy. I personally can’t get enough of sessions under the control of Stuie, an “honorary” kiwi. Your disc has his sophisticated sweaty fret-strains all over it, and that’s always a winning situation. And your smokey-honey vocals are always a delight and your song-creating skills are top shelf!



11 March, 2008

What an absolute delight to listen to, it is superbly produced and the artwork is brilliant. Can I just say the selection of music is fantastic, one of those CD’s you listen to and just want to put on repeat and play over and over again! I don’t need to wish you luck with this album, because I know it is going to do very well for you. Congratulations of the songs you have penned youself, they are superb. I feel like a child on Christmas day with excitement and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Can I finally say that all the songs are sung from your heart, and that comes over very strongly. A Million thanks, and you can rest assured of plenty of airplay here.



16 March, 2008

Thanks a million for your excellent CD. it’s a treasure in my collection, & one of the best I have. It is a masterpiece. Congratulations, it is the best of your albums so far. Its a very special, prsonal album featuring your menories of the past and your family and friends, and a terrific tribute to your favourite country greats. You sound fantastic and traditional country to the bone. Superb solo and duet vocals topped with your very talented musicians, it is the heart and soul of country music. I love so much the CD box, so unique & personal, and very special. Sure, it was my great pleasure and honour, to play all of your original songs on the air, and here are the results. Four of your songs entered our Top 20 chart this week.

Your composition ‘WILDFLOWERS” is spot #2. it’s a big hit here and everybody’s favourite. Your story song ‘UNCLE TONY’S UTE” is on position #5, and your moving, sincere and so meaningful tribute to your mother and your childhood days “MY MOTHERS WEDDING BAND” is on position #8. On top of that, your beautiful, romantic ballad ‘DO YOU KNOW” is on #12.

Our congratulations to you Clelia, your superb musicians and great backup singers! You are our heroine, we love so much your kind of pure traditional country music.