Classic Hits - New Album Out Now

Internationally acclaimed, multi award winning singer/songwriter Clelia Adams has been an integral part of the very fabric of the Australian country music scene since l975 as session singer on thousands of tracks recorded in Tamworth studios for 25 years. 

Clelia’s 'Classic Hits' traces her solo musical journey beginning with 'Bring It On' in 2000, 'Heartbeat Highway' 2004, 'Wildflowers' 2008 and 'River Valley Dreaming' in 2011. Her music had been embraced by the international country music community and saw her become the darling of the European, UK and Australian country music charts with each successive album. 

Classic Hits is a collection of 22 of Clelia’s Top 5/10 smash hits on Australian, European, UK & US charts over her stellar international recording career spanning 16 years. Bonus tracks La Paloma and Forever Young are also included.

All songs were recorded and produced by longtime friend Stuart French and the A Team, which have included Michel Rose, Chris Haigh, Gary Steel, Brad Bergen, Bill Risby, Camille French, Bill Chambers, Kevin Bennett, Mick Albeck, James Gillard, Donnie Hopkin, Doug Gallacher & Rudy Miranda. This continuum of musicians has given Clelia her own instantly recognizable voice and sound, cementing her place at the top of her field as an Independent Artist in Australia.

This is a “must have” album for every country music aficionado’s collection. Clelia's evocative blend of classic country, western swing, honky tonk, country rock, rockabilly & her own originals has captivated the world. This is timeless, universal and classic country music. Get it now!

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