River Valley Express # 1 in Europe this week

It seems everyone loves a train song.....River Valley Express has hit the # 1 position on the ECMA (European Country Music Association) chart this week. The video for the song is on this page, so press play and  take a…

River Valley Express travels the world.

Current radio single River Valley Express on Hillcrest 64 and CRS 158 is on country music charts around Australia and Europe. #28 on the Mildura Hot-FM 100 chart on Oct. 13, 2012 and in Europe #4 on the International Top…

Maverick Magazine UK *****FIVE STARS***** River Valley Dreaming

River Valley Dreaming receives another FIVE STAR review from Maverick Magazine UK by Russell Hill " Hailing from Australia, why this artist isn't widely known in the UK is criminal. Clelia has developed an authentic sound which wouldn't be out…

River Valley Dreaming in Italy's Top 10 Albums list

RCS Radio Cernusco Stereo Italy has released its Top 10 albums list so far this year. River Valley Dreaming is at #7. The chart follows:

1. NEIL YOUNG:  Americana (Reprise)
2. TERRI CLARK:  Roots and Wings (Bare…

River Valley Express new radio single out now

River Valley Express, the second single from the River Valley Dreaming album, has once again a rural setting. This time the neglected railway tracks running beside her home. The song, co written with bush poet mate Ray Essery,  traces the…

Clelia Adams inducted into the Axeman's Wall Of Fame

In Tasmania's beautiful La Trobe valley on April 1st, Clelia was inducted into the iconic Axeman's Wall of Fame, along with fellow artists Phil Emmanuel, Wayne Horsburgh and Australia's first queen of country music Jean Stafford. photo in gallery.

International CM charts update

Rainbird Yodel continues to speed up the ECMA Top 100 chart at #7 with When You Fall In Love (Everythings a Waltz) at #5
Rainbird Yodel is #1 in the Netherlands and #1 in  Norway on the…